March 6, 2021

Ministry of Defence Government Jobs in Pakistan January 2021

Ministry of defence Government Jobs in Pakistan january 2021

Ministry of Defence Government Jobs in Pakistan January 2021 – Government Jobs in Pakistan Jang Newspaper Ad January 2021

***applications are invited from Pakistani Nationals having requisite education. experience. quota and age. to fill the following pests:
Sr’ I Post and Pay Scale Requisite qualification and/ or Experience Vacancies/ONdas and Age Limits locleding 5 year general age relaxation I. Director (Research A Antitysis) 11:15.19) Ph.D degree recognized by DEC in Nenotronics/ Telecommunication/ instrumentaborV Embedded Systems / IT I Information Security or other related disciplines and 07 years Research 4 AAA.% / Development experience in 13S.18 /equbratent or senior post in puha( /private sesta. Punjabi. Sindh (R)-1 KPK-1 Age Limits: nu 45 Years 44 Deputy Direclor (Research A Analysis) (83-18) Whit / MS or equivalent degree with minimum Grade V recognized by NEC in Nenotronits / Telecommunication / IrtstrumeMation/ Embedded Systems/IT/Information Security mother related disciplines and 05 years Research 8 Analysis! Development experience In 8S-171 egurealere or senior post in public/printssector. Open Meri•l. Punjab•3. Sind!, (11)-I. KPK.1 Age Limits: 25 to 40 years Anistael Director (Research 8 Analysis) (85.17) 8S or courant degree with minimum Grade t’ recognized by HEC in tienottorocsiElectronics/Telecommunication/Instrumental Embedded Systems/IT / Information Security or other related disciplines. Research Work / Project in 8S/equivalent degree OR 05 years Research 6 Analysis! Development experience in reputable organization/department. Open Meth-1. Punjab-8. Sindh (U)-1. Sindh (R)-2. KPX-2. Bala:Osten-1. Ex FATA-1 Age Limits: 22 to 35 years 4. Director (Computer Programming) 188-191 Ph.D Degree recognized by HEC in Computer Sciences/ System Analysis! IT /Software Engineering /Computer Engineering /Cryptology/ Information Security or Other related disciplines with 07 years practical experience in relevant helt1 n85.18 /equivalent or senior post in public/ private sector. Purija•l Age Limit 92 to 45 years 5. germ Director (Cs lee programming) (EM-18) Msc (16 Years Education) I equivalent degree in Computer Sciences / System Analysis / IT ! Software Engineering / Computer Engineering / CryptOlogy/ Information Security or other related disciplines with minimum 2M Class or Grade V and 05 years practical experience in relevant field in 8.5.17 /equivalentor senior post in public / private sector. Open Meth-1. Punjab-5. Sindh (U)-1. Sindh (R)-1. KP1(•1. Balochistan-1 Age Limits: 25 to 40 years 46 Assistant Direder (Computer Pmerammieg) (15-17) EIS/equivakrit degree in Computer Sciences / System Analysis / IT / Software Engineering / Computer Engineering/ Cryptokgy/ Information Seeurily or other related disciones with minimum 2nd Class or Grade V. Punjab-t Age Limits: 22 to 35 years 7. Deputy Director (Engineering) (85.16) Msc Engineering (16 Years Education) / equivalent degree in Electronics! Telecommunication / Satellite COmmurtation / related subjects with 05 years practical experience in 85-17/ equivalent or senior post in public/ privatesector. Open Mem-1, Punjab-1. Sindh (U)•1. Sindh (13)•1, KPK-1 Age Limits: 25 te 40 years Assistant Director (England’s.) (6117) 8S or equivalent degree in Electronics / Telecommunication / Satellite Communication! related subjects in 1st Division (60% marks or 2.50 CGPA). Punjab-3, Sindh (U)-1. Sindh (R)-2. KPK-1 Age Limits: 22 to 35 years 9. AssistaM Director (115-17) 2nd Class or Grade ‘CAW MSc (16 Years Education) or equivalent degree recognized by HEC. Open Merin. Punjab-10. Sindhal)•2. Sindh(R)-2. KPK-2. Balochistan.l. Ex FATA-1. 68-1. AJK-1 Age Limits: 22 to 35 years 10. Sub Inspector (05.14) eradiation (14 Years Education) / equivalent degree wi with minimum 2nd Otritien. Open Merit-3. Punjab-25. Sindh (U)-4. Sindh (R)-5. KPK-6, Balochistan-3. Ex FATA-2. G8-1. AJX-1 Age Limits: IS to 30 years 11, Security Sub Inspector (85.14) Graduation (14 Man Education) / equivalent degree In 1st Division (60% marks or 2.50 CGPA). Runlab6. Sindh (R)-I. Ex FATA4. ASK-1 Age alas: IS to 30 years 12. Security Assistant Sub Inspector (BS.9) G, bdtratidn (14 Years Education) / equivalent degree with minimum 2nd Division. Open Merd-1. Punjab-6. Strelh (U)-2. Sindh (R)-1. KPK-1. Balochistan-1 Age Limits: IS to 30 years 13. Security Supervisor I6S-71 Intermediate/equivalent degree vmh minimum 2nd Division. Open Merit-1. Punjab-5. Sinclh (1.11.4, KPI(•1 Age Limits: IS to 30 years 14. Traffic Analyst supervisor (85.16) Graduation (14 Years Education) !equivalent degree in 151 Derision (60% marks or 2.50CGPA). Puniab-2. Sind/101(i Age Limits: 20 to 33 years 15. Traffic Analyst (03•4) Graduation (14 Years Education) / equivalent degree with minimum 2nd DiViSP30. Punpb-2.Sindh (U)-1.KPK-I. Sill:1h (AM. ealochistan-I Age Limns: 11110 30 years 16. Assistant (EI8-15) 0) Graduation (14 Years Education). (ii) MinimumtypingSpeedof 30w.p.m (iii)Computer Mein. (iv) &Weeks Basic IT Course (including MSOff ice) Punjab-2.Sindh (U)•1,KPI(•1 AN Limns: 18 to 33 years 17. Upper Division Cleft I8S4 i ) (i) Intermediate. fir) Minimum typing speed o140 w.p.m. (iii) Compute; literate. (w)3Weeks Basic IT Course (mclunng MSOffKe) Open Meri•l. Punjab-8. Sindh (W.I. Sindh IRO, KPK-1. BalechiStani. Ex FATA•1. G8.1 Age Limit IS to 30 years IS. Lower Division Clerk (889) (i) Matriculation. (a) Minimum typing speed of 30 w.p.rn (no Must be computer literate. (N)3Weels Basic IT Course (including MSOff ce) Open Merd-2. Punjab-IS, Sindh (U)-3. Sindh (R)-3, KPK-4. Balochistan-2, Ex FATA•1. 68-1 Age Limits: 16 to 30 years 19. Technician (55-14) OAF (Telecommunication /Electronics /Aeronautical Engineering/related subjects) with 05 years practical experience in the relevant held OR Matuunahon in case ol ex-sem-icemenwith 05 years relevant exPenerce In ArmyllavylAn Force. Open Meth-1, Puniab-6. Sindh 1111-3.KPX.2. Balochista•l Age Limits: IS to 30 years Sub Engineer-I (1)3•11) DAE (Telecommunication / Electronics / Aeronautical Engineering! related subjects) wall 02years practical experiencon relevant held. Punjab-1 Age Limits: IS to 30 years 21. Supervisor (8S-11) CAE (Telecommunication / Electronics /Aeronautical Engineering / related subjects) with 03 years practical experience in relevant herd. KPK-1 Age Limits: 111 to 30 years izaJ Sub Division! Miser (SIR) (115-16) 8-Tech (Honours) in Cent Technology with 05 years practical experience in relevant held after DAE (Civil). Punjab-1. Balochistan-I Age Limits: 20 to 33 years Sub Divisional Officer (E&M) (65-14) 8.Tech (Pass) in Electrical Technology with minimum 02 years PraCtital experience in relevant field. Punjab-1. Balochistan-1 Age Limits: 1310 30 years 24. Draughtsman (85.11) Manic and diploma/unit cate/course work with OThanship from a recognized mm401034:1 02 years experience in the relevant field. Punjah•l. Sindh (11)4 AM LIBItt: 181030 years 25. AC Telanklan (8S-11) Manic wth diploma in Heating, Vermillionand kr Conditioning (HVAC) or AuConditioning with 02 years practical expenthet In the relevant held. KR-1 AN LImItt: 111 to so years Charge Nurse (8S-16) (i) Registered Nurse and Registered Mchvile with Pakistan Nuraing COuMal (PNC) 00 For lAale, one yearcoursetertiftate in nursing relatedfieldinlieu olmidwilery. Open Merit-I. Punjab-4. Sindh (R)•1. KM(-1 Age Limb: 20 to 33 years 27. Electra Cardiograph Tech 165-9) Metric with science subjects and minimum 05 years practical experienceas Technician InECG Department of reputable hosmal. Open Men1-1, Punjabi. Sindh (R).1 Age Limb: 16 to 30 years OT Technician (83-9) Maine with science subjects and minimum 05 years practical experience in O.T/ relevant depa.fir ft ot faint. file fiaSc •al Sindh (R)•1. KPK-I Age LIBIW 101030 years an Lady Health Visitor (65.9) Matrioychm Punjab-1 Ago Limits: 1010 30 years
Total Vacancies: 247 I. Candidate must possess educational qualifications and must be within age limits mentioned in the advertisement with effect from the closing daleofreceipt of applications i.e 17 FEBRUARY 2021. 2. The maximum age limn may be relaxed to the extent as mentioned below however, where a candidate is entitled to age relaxation under more than one categories. hetsheshal be rowed age relaxation wily le on Category:-(a) By 3 years in the case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes. Buddhist Community. recognized tribes of the Tribal Areas.AJ&K and Northern Areas (Gilgit Baltistan). (b) By 3 years in case of candidates belonging to Sindh (Rurahand Basochstan for posts in BS-15and below. IC) By 10 years (upto the age of 55 years) in case ol government servants who have completed 2 yearscontinuousgovernment same Ontheclosingdatefor receipt of aPPlicatieng-(d) In case of released or retired officers/personnel of the Armed Forces ol Pakistan. by 15 years or the number of years actually served intheArmedForcesof Pakistan. whenever is less. (e) By 5 years in case of widows/widowers. son or daughter ol a deceased end servant who died during sernce. (f) By lOytacs in case of disable persons for appointment to posts in BS-15 and below. 3 THE QUOTA RESERVED FOR WOMEN, MINORITIES AND DISABLES WILL BE ADHERED TO ACCORDING TO THE GOVERNMENT’S INSTRUCTIONS. Persons with disabllilles can apply tor all posts however. !boyars encouraged to apply against posts al Ser No. I to & 18. 4. Negative marking will apply In Screening Tule 0.25 mark per 10e each wrong answer. S. No 7/k,DA wittbe admissi b’e to cand dates or appearing in tests / interviews.
1. ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS and online application fee deposit saps are available on website: Hard copy submission of Application Forms is ‘Not Requital’. 2 Application fee payable by candelate is As 1200:- for Posts in BS•18 to 88.19. Rs. 1000/. for Posts in 8S•17 and Rs 600,• for posts in OS-7 to 8S-16. in country wide branches of Askari Bank Limited in routine bank days / timings. However, Fee Deposit Slips will be generated Minions/tot-411e 11111400 Hours 01 Last 0411110_APilly. TO AVOID INCONVENIENCE /RUSH. CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED FOR EARLY SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FEE. Deposded Fee is non-ref undabft / non-transferable therefore. candidates must ensure eligibility hence aPPIYing Or any post. In•Eligible candidates will not be allowed Wapner in teals). 3. By paying single 168,8 candidate may apply for any group of posts at Sr I 10, 11, 12 OR Sr a 14, 15, 78 OR Sr* 17, 18 OR Sr 119,20, 21 OR Sr 127, 28 subject Wets bait/. To Apply for more posts/group of posts. separate fee will be payable. DISABLE CANDIDATES ARE ENTITLED FOR FEE EXEMPTION subject to Disability Certificates. 4. Test/malt intimation slips shall not be sent through postal/courier services. CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED TO visit website ( on alternate/daily basis and KEEP THEM CELL NUMBERS OPERATIONAL. tor tests/results Intimations. 5. Furnishing (*frett personal details. sending documents (whenever required) and adherence to the hmeines is sole responsibility of candidates. All these aspects are extol eligibility determination and reflect upon seriousness and competence of candidates. 6. Foranyquery.contaCt Phone No.051-8905000 of MoD fromMoeday Easy (9 AM lo 5PM)

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